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Closets are probably one of the most useful parts of a house and often the least organized. It seems that no matter how much storage our homes come equipped with, there is never enough. There is a solution and that is closet storage systems. They multiply space like magic. With a little work you can double your closet’s storage capacity and organize it so you can spend the time used searching through your closet on more productive things.

Double Your Storage

A conventional 6-by-8-foot walk-in closet has approximately 20 linear feet of hanging space. If you take that same closet and incorporate a closet organizer system into it and you can have up to 40 linear feet of hanging space. In addition to the increased hanging space, shelves, drawers and cabinets can be added to make the most of the closet storage.

Plan to Organize

When planning for storage, make a list. This tedious task will be worth the effort in the end. You need to know whether you'll be storing more shorts than long pants, or skirts and blouses with only a few dresses, and, of course, you must account for shoes and accessories. It’s amazing how many shoes some people have and it’s impractical to have a separate shoes closet. A closet shoes organizer can solve the problem. Sometimes corners are good for shoe storage and that less than optimal space can be incorporated into the design of your custom closet organizer system.

Your storage needs list will help determine how much full length hanging space is necessary compared to double hanging space. Shelves over drawers are great for folded sweaters and the drawers are great for underwear and socks.

Organizing the Kid’s Closet

The kid’s closet organizer should accommodate growing children as if they were adults. Since they seem to outgrow their clothes every three months, it is unwise to make their storage kid sized.

Closet Organizer Systems

Closet organizer systems come in many materials and styles. You can choose from many different manufacturers to please your needs and personal tastes.

Modular Closet Organizer

Modular closet kits let you organize your storage space easily, affordably, and with just a screwdriver Some of them let you organize any closet without measuring or cutting. These closet systems feature expandable shelving, which guarantees a perfect fit every time. Some brands are constructed of durable engineered polymer that will not crack, warp, chip or rust. They are stronger than wire, lighter than particleboard or wood based laminates, and less expensive that a custom closet system.

Wire Closet Organizer

Wire Kits are efficient all-in-one closet organizers that provide everything you need to create the organized clothes closet of your dreams. Ventilated white wire shelving is strong, attractive and practical; it allows air to circulate, keeping folded apparel, shoes, purses and accessories fresher. They Install easily into drywall with 1/4" drill and screwdriver. All hardware is usually provided.

Whichever closet organizer system works best for you; adjustable shelves and poles will allow you to adjust your closet system to meet your changing needs. Designing specific long, medium and double hang areas will also maximizes your closet space.  A pull-down triple hang pole can add even more useful space to your closet.

If it fits your custom closet design plan, laminate, acrylic, or glass doors can give added protection to your shoes, sweaters, or any other items on your shelves.

Using closet organizers will help you to get the most storage out of your closet space and you will discover how elegant, distinctive storage solutions can bring beauty and functionality to your life, and add more value to your home


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