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Closet shelving is a fast growing industry with a continually widening range of products. Modern closet shelving is designed to accommodate more closet storage than ever before and is keeping pace with the current trends in innovative design. It is designed to maximize your storage and make your life easier.Well designed closet shelving is another option to give you the ultimate use of every space in your home.

Shelving shapes and sizes:

For most jobs, closet shelving breaks down to only a few basic types: Single shelf-and-pole, double pole and sweater shelves/shoe shelves.

Single Shelf-and-Pole:

To accommodate long coats and dresses, a section of single shelf-and-pole should be installed in every closet (closets for children are often an exception). To keep dresses and coats from dragging on the floor, install single shelf-and-pole at least 66 in. from the floor—take the measurement from the bottom of the shelf (that puts the pole at about 64 in. from the floor). For exceptionally tall people, increase the height to keep long clothes off the floor.

Double Pole:

If pants are folded over a hanger, they only need half the hanging height as a long dress—about 34 in. from the bottom of the shelf to the floor. Shirts are longer and require 40 in. from the bottom of the shelf. Because most of the clothes in our closets today are pants and shirts, double shelf-and-pole should predominate in every closet, which doubles the storage space. To make the job of installing shelves easier and to allow homeowners the choice of changing the arrangement of their clothes, I separate all double poles by 42 in., which makes the top shelf 84 in. from the floor.

The Top Shelf:

The top shelf should run completely across the closet, and around all three walls in a u-shaped closet, so the same 84-in. height determines the second or top shelf over a single shelf-and-pole, too (see diagram). In most 8-ft. closets, 12 in. of space remains between the top shelf and the ceiling, which is enough room for shoeboxes, hatboxes and other storage.

Sweater Shelves:

A typical bank of sweater shelves should begin 16 in. from the floor, which allows room for tall boots on the floor. Succeeding shelves should be spaced about 12 in. apart. If the top shelf is installed at 84 in. from the floor, this sweater shelf arrangement should result in a somewhat even spacing. The only shelf in a closet that won’t align horizontally with other shelves is the single shelf-and-pole, because it’s set at 68 in. from the floor. The 16-in-space between the single shelf-and-pole and the top shelf can be divided again by an additional shelf, which creates a perfect location for a few pairs of shoes.

Shoe Shelves:

Shoes only require about 7 in. of height (that includes high-tops and pumps). To get the most from your closet space, design shelving specifically for shoes and don’t rely on 12-in.-spaced shelves for shoe storage. An 84 in. tall bank of shelves, with the first shelf 16 in. from the floor, can include 4 shoe shelves and 3 sweater shelves (see diagram). Of, if there’s room and shoes enough, build an entire bank of shoe shelves.

Custom Designed Wood Shelving

Custom Wood shelving for closets can be designed and installed by closet professionals. IT can be constructed on-site and painted for added durability. For added strength, wood shelving’s weight-bearing support can be provided by three strips which are mounted on the back wall and on each of the side walls.

Wire Shelving

This shelving is available in a variety of depths and lengths based on individual storage needs and is designed to span relatively short distances and to hold light to medium weight loads. This shelving is usually made of vinyl covered white wire, angle brackets are used for support, and the open mesh allows air to circulate. There are many brands and varieties of individual parts, kits and complete organizer systems available on the market. Closet organizer kits and accessories can double or triple the space in any closet.

Melamine Shelving

Closet shelving can also be made from Melamine, a maintenance-free material that never needs painting or refinishing.

Shelf Design

The right choice of shelving can organize your closet and save valuable space. Your closet shelves should be sturdy and organized, so that no items are in danger of falling when the closet doors are opened. Some shelving can be lighter and meant to hold lighter objects like shirts, pants and sweaters.


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